Broker 60 hour Post-Licensing Course

$390.00 ($195 each 30 hrs.)

Broker Required 60 Hour Post Licensing Course (first renewal) 2- 30 hour courses You must take and pass both courses to fulfill the full Broker 60-hour post licensing course requirement. Both courses have a 50 question exam at the end that must be passed with a grade of 75% or better.

For September 30th 2017 Renewal periods (first renewal as a Broker)

Palm Beach Gardens Classes

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 Class Curriculum For Broker 60 Hour Post Licensing Course:

Time Unit
(50-minute hours)  
1.5 1-The Challenge of Change
2 2-Leadership
1.5 3-Management Skills
1.5 4-Communications and Decision Making
2 5-Analyzing the Business Environment
1.5 6-Analyzing the Market
1.5 7-Developing a Plan
1.5 8-Structuring the Organization
1.5 9-Structuring Business Systems
1.5 10-Structuring the Finances
1.5 11-Business Policies and Procedures
1.5 12-Marketing and Advertising
1.5 13-The Practical and Legal Realities of Staffing
1.5 14-Recruiting, Selecting, and Hiring the Staff
1.5 15-Professional Competency
1.5 16-Coaching Performance
1.5 17-Monitoring Operations
2 18-Managing Risk
1.5 End-of-Course Exam
  Total Hours 30

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