Become a Florida Real Estate Agent

If you have the desire and wish to become a Florida Real Estate agent,  this can be a very lucrative and rewarding field to pursue as a career. The first step of the process is to attend an online Florida real estate school in order to obtain a license. After completion of the licensing process to become a Florida Real Estate agent, you can then work as an agent under a licensed broker. This is where you are given the opportunity to develop your real estate skills and become a successful real estate agent.  After working under the direction of a Broker for 2 years, you may have gained the experience and confidence to want to open an office of your own. This is when you should take the next level courses to become a Real Estate Broker and at that point in your career, you will be able to open your own Real Estate office and hire agents to work under your direction allowing them the opportunity to become a Florida Real Estate agent while working under your direction and coaching.

Below are some of the areas that a real estate agent can pursue once they are established with a professional real estate agency: 

  • Residential Sales Associate
  • Residential Leasing Agent
  • Commercial Sales Associate
  • Commercial Leasing Agent
  • Industrial Sales Associate
  • Industrial Leasing Agent
  • Business Brokering
  • On Site Developer Sales
  • Developer Leasing Agent

This is just a few of the areas of real estate you may wish to specialize in during your career. The choice is yours on whether you choose to become a Florida Real Estate agent or not. You can do this on a part time or full time basis. Even part time you have the opportunity to generate a nice second income for your pleasure.

Become a Florida Real Estate Agent
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